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Umrah Packages 2019 from United Kingdom

Umrah is an Arabic word and means to “Visiting a place”. Umrah can be executed at any time during the year. In Islam, Umrah means to perform tawaf (i.e. walking around Kaaba) and Sai(i.e. running between Safa& Marwah). For the purpose of Umrah, a desirous Muslim must aim for asacred state (i.e. Ihraam).
Performing an Umrah in Ramadan has vital importance after Bukhari Sharif states that:“Umrah in Ramadan is equal to Hajj”London Star Travel have repute of chief specialist and providers of Hajj &Umrah tour packages. We are one of the primary operators in the UK offering customized and carefully selected Hajj and Umrah packages the suits the budget of every individual.Our services cover every aspect of your journey and being a registered travel agency and approved by the Ministry of Hajj, you can rely on us to arrange flights, accommodation and Visas with full equanimity.

Finding the right and cheap Hajj or Umrah package can be difficult and time consuming activity. Here at London Star Travel we understand that financial and social position of every individual is different therefore, we offer a wide range of Hajj &Umrah tours to suit every person’s budget.

Types of Umrah

There are two types of Umrahs depending upon the wishes of a pilgrim

i. Umrat Al Mufradah
ii. Umrat al-tammatu

Sequence of Performing Umrah 2019

i. Adoption of Ihraam and performance of two Rakaah with Niyyah of Umrah
ii. Performing Tawaf
iii. Making Dua at Multazam
iv. Offering two RakaatSalat at Mukaam E Ibrahimi
v. Drinking ZamZam Water
vi. Performing Sa’ee between Safa& Marwa
vii. Offering two RakaatSalat
Viii. At the end Shaving / Trimming the Hairs

This year practice the Holy journey of Umrah in an extravagant manner. The package includes 3, 4 &5 star lavish accommodations in the most suitable locations and near to the holy place i.e. Makkah& Medina.

London Star Travel has specially made packages to suit two people sharing a double room. Spacious and lavish decorated rooms will provide you comfort and being within the locality of the Holy mosques you can easily reach during prayer times.

One of the most significant portion for booking Umrah packages for 2019 is selecting the right company. While there are many that claim to be the finest in tours of Umrah, but not all are reliable. Only the travel agents or companies that are registered with the Hajj Ministry are authorized to organize these Islamic religious tours.

The knowledge of the company providing Hajj and Umrah tours must be considered when booking the packages for Umrah. Companies that have been offering these religious tours for more than a decade can be the ideal ones to go with, as they would have the required expertise as well as experience to ensure a hassle-free Umrah.

Muslims living in the London can have the advantage of receiving sufficient time for making all the essential preparations on their journey of Umrah during certain holiday seasons. During the Christmas and Easter holidays, most of the offices and all the schools are closed. This would be a great opportunity for Muslim families to go for Umrah together.Many of the UK-based travel companies who are providing Hajj and Umrah tours come up with attractive deals on Umrah packages from the UK for Christmas and Easter holidays, which can significantly reduce the overall costs involved in accomplishing the journey.

It is important to take knowledge of one’s overall budget for the journey of Umrah before booking the Umrah Packages in 2019 . Most of the times such packages include the costs of flights, Umrah visa, and hotel stays. In you book in advance, the travelers of the UK can get their desired packages at reduced costs.