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Group No. 1

3 Weeks Economy Hajj Package

Departure: 21st of August, 2017

Return: 9th of September, 2017

Price 1: £4250 (Based on 3 people sharing)

Price 2: £4095 (Based on 4 people sharing)

Group No.2

3 Weeks Economy Hajj Package

Departure: 23rd of August, 2017

Return: 11th of September, 2017

Price 1: £4250 (Based on 3 people sharing)

Price 2: £4095 (Based on 4 people sharing)

Group No.3

3 Weeks Economy Hajj Package

Departure: 23rd of August, 2017

Return: 13th of September, 2017

Original Price: £4095 (4/5 people sharing)

Discounted Price: £3950 (4/5 people sharing)



Departure: 23rd of August, 2017

Return: 11th of September, 2017

First come First Serve

Price : £700

Best Hajj Package 2018

During the life time, every Muslim wishes to perform Hajj which is one of the important pillars in building faith and worship. It is a way of physical, financial and spiritual testing by Allah (SWT). If you are desirous and passionate about performing Hajj in a more relaxing and memorable way, our best hajj packages 2018 will help you to conduct hajj 2018 genially and peacefully with unbelievable discounts and cheap hajj packages.

Performing a Cheap and Economical Hajj :

While performing a hajj you surely will desire a hassle-free traveling and a comfortable including a luxurious stay from the beginning till the end of Hajj. Our courageous and spirited agents fully educated on your desire to perform affordable Hajj will guide you considering in minds your status, affordability, climate and crown factors.

Types / Classification of Hajj:

Usually there are four kinds of Hajj that can be performed in our cheap Hajj Package:

  1. Hajj al Tamattu (An Interrupted Hajj i.e. performing Umrah in a Hajj Season)
  2. Hajj al Qiran (A combined Hajj i.e. offering Umrah and Hajj simultaneously until the day of sacrifice at Mina)
  3. Hajj al Ifrad ( A Single Hajj only i.e. as name signifies entering into Ihram only from Hajj)
  4. Hajj e Badal (Proxy Hajj)

Economical Hajj Package 2018 – Booking Procedure:

Each year a large number of pilgrims are performing Hajj and travelling to the most holiest place on the earth which dedicate us with our commitment to provide a world class and economical Hajj Package from London. With our utmost efforts and services we have strived to become a respectable and reputed name in presenting economical and cheap Hajj packages to Muslims in United Kingdom. Our Booking procedures from Economical Hajj Package 2018 are simple and quite easy.

Hajj 2018 Package Includes;

  1. Return Flight from London, Heathrow
  2. Hajj Draft
  3. Hajj Visa acquisiton and processing
  4. Makkah hotel in Al Jumaizah (half Board)
  5. 4* Sunrise Hotel Madinah near to the Haram (include Buffet half – Board)
  6. Qurbani Scrifice – Addition £85
  7. VIP European tents – Includes full board and sofa beds during Hajj period in Mina & Arafa
  8. Full Ground Transportation with Air condition Coaches
  9. Visit Mazaraat in Madina  (Quba Masjid and Uhud mountain)
  10. Free Ihram clothes for men
  11. English/Arabic/Somali speaking guides
  12. Highly Knowledgeable and experienced Hajj Guides

All accommodation are on a shared basis. Please note that dates are based on the Islamic calendar . There may be a variation in dates due to moon sighting.

Requirements for Best Hajj Package 2018

  1. Passport that is valid for at least 6 months.
  2. A minimum deposit of £1000 must be paid when booking.
  3. European Passport holder must provide proof of residency in the UK.
  4. Foreign passport holder must provide proof of address less than 3 months old, resident permit in UK. (Visiting Visa is not acceptable)
  5. Mehram for each female applicant.
  6. Hajji must be physically and mentally fit to be able to perform Hajj.
  7. 4 recent passport photos are required.
  8. Vaccination Certificate for meningitis  (ACWY).

Terms and Conditions

  1. Deposit payments are non-refundable
  2. Full payment is required  3 Weeks before travel date.
  3. Hajjis are expected to be with group and follow organizer’s instructions.
  4. Hajjis are responsible for all their belongings.
  5. We will not be responsible for any lost or damages of valuable  or properties.