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Find Our Best Umrah Deals 2017

5* December Umrah Package 2017

5* December Umrah Package 2017

Duration Stay: 12 Days

Departing: 20th December 2017

Returning: 2nd January 2018

4* December Umrah Package 2017

4* December Umrah Package 2017

Duration Stay: 12 Days

Departing: 20th December 2017

Returning: 2nd January 2018

3* December Umrah Package 2017

3* December Umrah Package 2017

Duration Stay: 14 Days

Departing: 16th December 2017

Returning: 30th December 2018

3* November Umrah Package 2017

3* November Umrah Package 2017

Duration Stay: 12 Days

Departing: 9th November 2017

Returning: 21st November 2017

3* October Umrah Package 2017

3* October Umrah Package 2017

Duration Stay: 9 Days

Departing: 13th October 2017

Returning: 22nd October 2017

Economical Umrah Packages 2017:

Umrah is a blessing for all Muslims, as this is a divine and spiritual journey. Every person performing Umrah wishes to have his best life time experience in terms of travelling, accommodation and 24 hours service providing.

Numerous travel agencies all over the world provide and offer Umrah Packages which are quite attractive to one self. However the crucial and important is that whether the company is trust worthy on not. The best way to choose a trust worthy company is to reviews that a company get online.

London Star Travel agency provides you the most cheaply, convenient, luxurious and trusted Umrah packages with astonishing services.

Performing Low Cost Umrah in 2017:

Hajj being an obligation on every Muslim pilgrim with a physical as well as monetary capability to bear the cost of performing Hajj once in his life time. Umrah however, is the sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) and hence have significant importance in Islam.

In Arabic, the word Umrah was originated from the word Itimaar, which is referred as a trip. Whereas, Umrah in Islam merely means, visiting the Kaaba and performing tawaf around it, walking through the valley between Marwah and Safaa hills seven times. In the end, the pilgrim of Umrah puts off his Ihraam by shaving his hair off.

Our agents during the whole trip guide you in all following Umrah elements:

  1. Wearing Ihram
  2. Entering Masjid e Haram
  3. Proceeding to Muqam e Ibrahim
  4. Sa’ey
  5. Trimming Hairs after Sa’ey

Best Umrah Package– Booking Procedure:

All over the year a large number of Muslim brothers and sisters are performing umrah along with their families and travelling to the to Makkah which dedicate us with our commitment to provide a high class and economical Umrah Package from London. Due to our best efforts and services we have endeavour to become a decent name in presenting economical and cheap Umrah packages to Muslims in United Kingdom.

Documents Required After Booking:

  • Passport with a 6 months validity and 3 to 4 blank pages for each traveler
  • A Complete and signed VISA application, Original and a Copy
  • 2 Nos. Passport size photographs of each traveller (Ladies Pictures Preferred in Hijab)
  • A duly verified Immunization card showing vaccination against Meningitis for Adults, Meningitis and POLIO record for Children below 15 years.
  • Duly Completed and Signed Saudi VISA application forms along with proper proofs of spouse and relationships with each other.
  • All documents submitted must be accompanied with their photocopies


Why Booking a Cost Effective Umrah Package:

  • Online and Phone Booking system
  • Flexible travelling dates availability
  • Up to 5 Stars accommodation near to Haram e Kabah and Madinah at best prices
  • Transport from Air Port to Hotel
  • Smooth and early completion of VISA Service
  • Advance hotel booking